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10 Celebrities Who Have Their Own Private Islands

There are many celebrities who bought own private islands for relaxed from their work or run of business in there and builds resort welcome for famous people around the world. It’s really wonderful with celebrities who can spend their time, money to found what they wanted for life.

Enjoy with us now!

#1. Shakira: Gerard Pique’s wife, enjoy with Roger Waters, the former founder of the band Pink Floyd rock to purchase Bonds Cay Island location North Bahamas. They are developing a resort for multi- billionaires.

#2. Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor in the movie “Titanic” buy Blackadore Caye Island is located off the coast of Belize. 40-year-old actress is planning to build a hotel and the airport.

#3. Eddie Murphy: In 2007, American actress bought Rooster Cay Island is located in the Bahamas.

#4. Ricky Martin: The Voice Australia Committee has to spend money to buy an island somewhere near the coastal city of Angra dos Reis, Brazil.

#5. Julia Roberts: American actor has an own island in the Bahamas.

#6. Johnny Depp: pirates in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” has bought an island called Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Caribbean region and size182115 square meters.

#7. Robin Williams: actor Robin Williams owns an island in Pender Harbor, British Columbia, Canada.

#8. David Copperfield: Superstar magician David Copperfield owns 11 islands in the Bahamas.

#9. Roger Waters: Roger Waters teamed up with Shakira to buy an island of Bonds Cay, north of the Bahamas.

#10. Nicolas Cage: In 2006, Nicolas Cage purchased an island in the Exuma archipelago.

Source: ranker