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10 Items, Women Should Have In The Rainy Season

Rainy season, you probably have some problems especially those who have to go outside more often. But do not worry because you have 10 below will be able to provide you with safety, healthy for our body, confidence, and beauty for the rainy season:

#1. Umbrella: Is the best protective material rain for pedestrians or people walk on the streets and protect toxins from rain, it not only can protect the rain, also made an attractive level for women so if you go outside don’t forget your umbrella.
#2. Rain wear: Another necessary material, rain wear you should put it in the bag or motorcycle saddle to protect cloths form ran once off the road.
#3. Long-sleeved shirts: For this one also necessary for protect you from rain because in the rainy season women should have a long-sleeved shirt worn next to the body. It can protect you from cold weather which can cause flu.
#4. Resins shoes: If you want to walk through the rain or wet roads without having to worry about the wet or damaged shoes you should choose resin shoes. Because currently, this type of footwear have many models in market that can buy it easy and attractive not losing expensive shoes.
#5. Short Pants: In the rainy season if you wear long pants or long skirt it will stain easily when you go outside and losing form beauty. Thus, short pants are a good choice for you and if you do not want more difficult when washing.
#6. Boots: For the day, heavy rain boots are the best choice for you because it will be able to protect your feet from the dirty water.
#7. Scarf: An important which can protect yourself from the cold weather. Moreover, it is also a striking fashion or attention from somebody around you and also worthy season.
#8. Waterproof Bag: It so important for women carrying when go outside because in the rainy season it can put something you used or important thing also cell phones too.
#9. Hand Towel: When wet and wet due to rain you really need something to wipe dry so you should have a small hand towel because it easy to used.
#10. Waterproof Cosmetics: In the rainy season, you should choose cosmetics that are water resistant to prevent stains with your cosmetics and keep the material products (make up).

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