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7 Celebrities Who Wear Watches Worth Thousands of Dollar

Always celebrities who show off their elegance through a modern car, hairstyle, clothing and other utilities for support their lifestyle. And they need to do something that new for their live and attractive from fans and watches is also one of improvement of those celebrities. Now take a look 7 celebrities who wear more expensive watches.

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#1. American singer Ashley Tisdale wear brand “gold Rolex” watch worth $ 7,188.


#2. American actor Leonardo Dicaprio wear the watch brand “TAG Heuer CARRERA Calibre” costs about $ 4,500. 11-2

#3. American singer Rihanna wear a watch brand “Piaget” watch worth about $ 30, 000.

#4. British actor Daniel Craig wear brand “Pepsi Rolex GMT Master” Watches worth about $ 6,495.

#5. Actress Sofia Vergara wear brand “The Rolex Daytona” watches worth about $ 37, 450. 11-5

#6. US actor Sylvester Stallone or Rambo wear watches brand “Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante” costs about $ 20,000. 11-6#7. R & B singing star Seal wear branded watches” Richard Mille gold timepiece” worth about $ 475,000.