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Amazing Bungalow House Design With Three Bedroom

Amazing design with three Bedroom Bungalow House is 140 square meters in total floor area. This includes the porch and lanai at the back. Design to be single detached, it can be accommodated in a lot with 16.1 meters frontage with and 18.3 meters depth. The minimum lot area required


Simple but elegant, this design was rendered with combination of crazy-cut stones on accent walls and columns at the front. Dark colored or painted parapet wall at the roof deck area. Galvanized iron roof, with tile effect on the surrounding eaves on the perimeter. Sanjorjo model is a 3 bedroom one

14 Glamorous Garden Decor Ideas

There are many decoration styles that bring creativity to your garden. This post is adorable and garden lovers. This is called Glamorous Garden Decor Ideas We Came Across Recently. A garden is the best place where we spend most of the time. That’s why we need the best ideas for

Travel To The Mystic Baliem Valley (West Papua)

We love to travel and find amazing places with our adventure around the world. Today we bring you go to the Baliem valley in West Papua, this places is nice views with natures, funny people, beautiful around landscapes, and amazing mazes in there. Moreover, we wanted to get a real

Banh Chhev Eating

Banh Chhev have a lot of tastes such as fish, chicken, pork, etc. Ingredients​ have such as: 1. Flour that made from the rice 2. Turmeric that made yellow color 3. Egg 4. Meat 5. Sauces 6. Vegetables and etc. Always, This foods are made when have another party in the family. Per slide only 3000៛ (1$=4000៛). It

The Most Beautiful Places

Relaxed from your work with amazing places round the world and speed their value of time go to the most beautiful places to see what is wonderful world? This pictures show you about the most beautiful places that fresh, natures, amazing building, especially Spring wild flowers in Antelope Valley, California, USA

Beautiful Beaches in the World

There are so many beaches around the world you can pick for your travel. But it is a little of beautiful beaches with fresh air, get your goggles and swimming paddles and a swimsuit too. Have a nice trip go to the most beautiful beaches to relaxing vacation by happiness with

Travel To Amazing Places With Beautiful World

We love for travel go to see amazing places around the world. However, in our life it really happy for what we thinking about and we wanted before we die, and knew the millions of beautiful around the world we live. It is this photos that our trip we go

7 Celebrities Who Wear Watches Worth Thousands of Dollar

Always celebrities who show off their elegance through a modern car, hairstyle, clothing and other utilities for support their lifestyle. And they need to do something that new for their live and attractive from fans and watches is also one of improvement of those celebrities. Now take a look 7