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Top 10 Strange foods that you never saw before

There are 10 Strange foods that you never saw before. 1. love the sunbathing 2. Eggs In Egg Carton 3. Salad With A Side Of Bleeding 4. Self-Aware Absurdity? Apple Pastry Desert Served On An Image Of A Plate.... On An iPad 5. Potted Bread 6. It Has A Plate... But Still 7. Food Looks Delicious... But

10 Celebrities Who Have Their Own Private Islands

There are many celebrities who bought own private islands for relaxed from their work or run of business in there and builds resort welcome for famous people around the world. It’s really wonderful with celebrities who can spend their time, money to found what they wanted for life. Enjoy with us

7 Celebrities Who Wear Watches Worth Thousands of Dollar

Always celebrities who show off their elegance through a modern car, hairstyle, clothing and other utilities for support their lifestyle. And they need to do something that new for their live and attractive from fans and watches is also one of improvement of those celebrities. Now take a look 7

Why Indian Tribes Require Women Nose Piercings?

Custom is a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, and now we bring you to know about a strange tradition of tribal Apatani in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh that women who require nose piercings and tattoos and

History Of Drug Scandals Involving 4 Korean Celebrities

There are many celebrities that have mysterious with their life and now please look at, 4 famous stars in Korean who involving with drug scandals: See more: #1. PSY Many people really know the volume obese singer PSY (Park Jae-Sang) through the famous for his single ‘Gangnam Style’ but maybe we don’t