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History Of Drug Scandals Involving 4 Korean Celebrities

There are many celebrities that have mysterious with their life and now please look at, 4 famous stars in Korean who involving with drug scandals:
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#1. PSY
Many people really know the volume obese singer PSY (Park Jae-Sang) through the famous for his single ‘Gangnam Style’ but maybe we don’t know that PSY has a dark past of illegal drugs, and was arrested in 2001, on charges of marijuana stored. However, after 6 months he was successfully when his comeback with ‘Champion’.
#2. Park Bom 2NE1 member Park Bom who is a famous star in Korean single but in 2010, Park Bom used to smuggle illegal drugs from the United States to Korea. Later, they found that she got a prescription from a hospital in the United States in the use of drugs to treat mental illness. However, 80 drugs were hidden in a mysterious package jelly is still making the masses suspect.
12-2#3. G-Dragon In summer 2011, G-Dragon has been arrested for allegedly using marijuana in a Japanese nightclub and in the party’s group BIGBANG in Japan. GD’s words revealed that; one unidentified man gave him a cigarette and he also took it to show pretty then police also arrested him, testing urine and hair was found that he actually used marijuana and however, G-Dragon has not been convicted of any crime.
12-3#4. Joo Jihoon Actor Joo Jihoon can be considered as the biggest crime in the history of Korea. On 27 April 2009, 33-year-old actress was arrested on suspicion of distributing the drug Ecstasy with the other 15 suspects also the actress Yoon Seolhee. And Joo Jihoon confessions guilty actually used the drug Ecstasy and Ketamine, and the court sentenced him to 6 months in prison, one-year work suspension, 120 hours community work and fine of 360, 000 won (US $ 317).