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Only 7 Months 6 Football Players Were Killed During The Game

Almost everyone tries to play all kinds of sports to make a healthy and strong body and if the wrong technical exercise or more forces it can have cause some problems when you tries make more power and sometimes to death.

At the same time, football is no different from the general exercise, if not careful all the players can see the same danger. Arrive by July 2015 have 6 professional footballers died during the game it is almost unbelievable at all but however, must be careful during you play all kinds of sports because no one know what happen for the next time.

Please take a look pictures below and we will know why 6 football players were died?

#1. David Oniya in the group’s T-Team
40-year-old David Oniya was killed when playing friendly matches in Malaysia and he died of heart attacks.


#2. Cristian Gomez in Atlético Paraná club
Is the second Argentina who died in 2015, in the 27-year-old and Cristian Gomez had died of heart attack during the competition framework Primera B Nacional.


#3. Gregory Mertens in the group’s Sporting Lokeren
Belgian nationality footballers died of a heart attack. He was unconscious for three days in the competition with Genk group.


#4. Junior Dian in the group’s Tonbridge Angels
Just happened in July, Junior Dian died in a friendly test game he was unconscious in a game only once.


#5. Tim Nicot in the group’s Beerschot- Wilrijk
Belgian nationality footballers he was died in the 23-years old. After Gregory Mertens, died 2 weeks and the reason is that Tim Nicot had died due to heart attack.


#6. Emanuel Ortega in group’s San Martín de Burzaco
Ortega is an Argentina footballer and he died at the age of 21 years, due to a broken skull bones during play the game.


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